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Please provide the information below as completely as possible. All information is strictly confidential. If you're already an established client, but would like to add a new pet, please fill out our "New Pet Form" in the "Client Services" section.



If you have additional pets, please submit their information using the "New Pet Form" found in the "Client Services" section

Please be aware that all veterinary hospitals are cordial with each other and requesting records of mutual clients is a normal, everyday occurrence. Previous records are extremely important for us to help manage your pet's health care.



We maintain an active Facebook and website and we love to take pictures of patients to share with others! We also use pictures taken in our hospitals to use as educational material (i.e. school presentations, lectures, educational review). Most pictures will be interactions between staff and patients, but some pictures may be of your pet's medical conditions that we find unique or interesting and would like to share with others. Please let us know if you would allow us to take pictures of your pet(s) and post them on our Facebook page, website, or use for educational purposes:



Our commitment to provide the best care to all our patients is our first priority. We understand that situations may arise that may require you to postpone, cancel, or be late to your pet's appointment. Please understand that these situations affect both the doctor's time as well as other clients. By allowing us proper notice, your designated appointment time could be reallocated to another patient needing care.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to forfeit your appointed time to the next waiting patient. You will be given the option to wait and be seen in-between the next appointments, or you can reschedule your appointment for another time.



By checking below you certify that you are the owner and/or agent of the above animal and have the authorization to consent to treatment if and when it is needed.