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Physical Exams - Not just for the sick!

Most animals age much faster than people, and a good physical exam every year can help keep your pet happier and healthier longer. The key to success when treating most diseases or life-threatening conditions is early detection. During your pet's visit, the doctor will perform a full physical examination that may include:

  • Listening to the heart and lungs to detect abnormal sounds, arrythmias, or murmurs
  • Checking the skin and coat for any obvious signs of disease or parasites
  • Checking the ears for any signs of infection or mites
  • Evaluating your pet's teeth for dental disease or fractured teeth
  • Palpating your pet's abdomen to indirectly evaluate internal organs for abnormal size or masses
  • Weight Management & Nutrition

If their are any abnormal findings of your pet's physical during their visit, or your pet has a pre-exisiting condition, the doctor will discuss what options are available to you and your pet at that point in time.